garden gate

garden gate
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amazing what one photo can do.

i posted these earrings for sale and within a day or two they were featured on the etsy home page(!). you can imagine my excitement. it lasted for about 20 minutes until the earrings sold and they were no longer on the front page working up some good exposure for me. but no matter... i still got that 20 minutes and made a sale to boot; i would call that a check mark in the plus column.

the next week i received an etsy convo regarding my wholesale policy. seems the buyer who bought the garden gate earrings showed them to some friends who are in the process of opening a new retail store. i submitted my information and got my first wholesale order ever (double !!). again, a big check mark in the plus column for mud and mint.

today, etsy premiered a new site feature: the gift guide. various lists of gift suggestions curated by etsy admin... again, the garden gate earrings made the cut and were featured in the jewelry addicts list. time will tell if this new site feature will be a boost to views and sales in my shop but it sure was a sweet little thrill none the less (thanks etsy).

i couldn't be happier and more proud of this one little photo.


KARA said...

congrats, the treasury makes an amazing difference, I am hoping one day.
They are amazing earrings though and the picture was just right

amy said...

You always take excellent photos of your jewelry.

It's been a while since i've checked out your shop. I'm off to do just that.

Great blog btw.