lime and lily

lime and lily
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ah, the passing of spring...

the color pools earrings have been so popular i've come up with this new version as a necklace. various colors are currently available with more coming soon.

i would also like to thank jenny of ciuccio for featuring me as an etsy find on her gorgeous blog. her etsy shop is just as wonderful which you can visit here.

happy first day of june everyone!



lazy sunday

this sums up our day so far.

this is blair and my friends barb and tom are raising him to be a service dog (he's so cute in his little training vest!). clearly, he has some serious adorableness going on and is so sweet and goofy... it's been so much fun having a puppy in the house.

on friday went to a jewelry and gem show in denver. in addition to some great prices on sterling silver chain i picked up some fun new beads to play with...

these top drilled kyanite ovals are beyond belief in loveliness and incredibly uniform in size... they will make great earrings:

these rock quartz nuggets are smooth, perfect and HUGE! each 15" strand had 10 beads... i can't wait to make something with these beauties:

stunning peruvian blue opal faceted nuggets and chunky, tumbled chalcedony in pink and blue:

we did play around with our beads this morning and i made these droplets earrings with some of barb's apatite... so sweet.



wonder twin powers activate!

i got dragged out to do a little shopping... i didn't need to buy anything but of course i made an impulse purchase in each of the three shops i visited. i'm so predictable. first off was a magazine at jo-ann fabrics (50% off!) and a bottle of blood orange micro-distilled vodka at the liquor store... who could say no to blood orange vodka? especially when the packaging was so purty. i stuck it in the freezer and had a bit of it chilled last night... slightly sweeter than i expected but rather complex and lovely.

then i went to pier 1 and found these fabulous, huge and gaudy adjustable rings by the register. they seem to be mother of pearl with a domed seal of resin over the top. i generally don't wear rings much but at 4 bucks each who could say no to this little bit of fabulousness. i picked up a couple of extras for friends too.

it's looking like another gorgeous day here in boulder... and this afternoon we are off to visit a gem and jewelry show in denver so i can feed my bead addiction.



look ma... no snow!

i took this picture of will yesterday as i was leaving on vacation. he wanted a nice shot with all his facial hair before he shaves it all off. aw, goodbye lumberjack.

notice all the snow in madison... it has been a crazy winter for sure. lots and lots of snow interrupted with short bouts of thawing and rain have ruined the roads (seriously, worst pot holes EVER!) and made us seriously tired of shoveling. well, will is tired of shoveling... i'm just plain tired of it.

and now, i'm in sunny boulder, colorado where the sunny is shining, it's in the 50's and there is barely a trace of snow to be found... apparently the powers that be are on my side.

for all of you back home... yeah, i'm rubbing it in.


the mysteriously returned package

i mailed this package of two necklaces to australia on september 6, 2007 and they never arrived to my customer. lo and behold they showed back up in my mailbox on december 28th... almost 4 months after i mailed them.

no idea why.

i triple checked the address and it was correct (i covered the address with paper in the picture to protect the addressee) and the replacement i sent to the same address did get to the there after 8 days. hmmm.

i'm so curious as to why it didn't make it to it's destination. i guess i should just be happy i got it back!

oh, the usps!



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carved tile of blue with white and flame...

this necklace features a beautiful square tile of amazonite (carved with a flower - 26mm) paired with a coin of genuine white agate (16m) wire wrapped together in sterling silver. strung with faceted, glowing red agate (6mm) and all sterling silver findings, this necklace is lovely, warm and exotic.

*note the appearance of a fissure in the close-ups of the pendant tile; this is not a crack in the stone but rather a natural fissure in the stone material.

closure: sterling silver "s" clasp and extendable chain

length: 16" to 18"

happy cyber monday everyone!