i see you

i see you
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yes, i'm still alive.

it's been awhile and i've been terribly busy. i did however take a vacation last week to colorado. i spent a couple days in boulder mostly relaxing with a little shopping and going out before meeting up with my dad and our friend ed to attend the great american beer festival in denver.

we had rooms in a fabulous hotel just across the street from the convention center where the event was held (and were the peeping bear is too) and drank beer for three days. we also visited the colorado museum of nature and science where we saw a fascinating exhibit of artifacts recovered from the titanic and attended a food and beer pairing put on by samuel adams at the restaurant 1515; the chicory bread pudding with cocoa nibs and espresso ice cream was an otherworldly experience.

after the event i went back to boulder were i watched the packers beat the washington redskins (go pack go!) and my friend barb made an awesome cheese fondue. i had such a great time.

now, back to the grind. i think i have about one month of more crazy busy ahead of me before things finally calm down... i can't wait.

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