lots of charm...

lots of charm...
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i love finding cool vintage things...

the charmed earrings have been my best seller and it is easy to see why... while very simple, they are also unique and lovely. until now i had only seen the aqua blue and then last week i came across these new colors and i knew i had to get them... they're just so fun. along with the speckled aqua, there is pristine white, and translucent jade green in the large 22mm size; all suspended from delicate, sterling silver oval hoops. the super cute, coral red charms are a little bit smaller (16mm) and hang from 1" sterling silver ear hoops... they will be perfect for christmas.

i love a good find.


rose wheels

rose wheels
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these are so sweet...

i bought these faceted rose quartz wheels years ago and found them again the other day, luminous and substantial.



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i'm very pleased with these...

looking among all the photos of my jewelry i would have to say these earrings don't necessarily follow my usual style...which is usually a bit more...chunky. however, they do have a simple, clean quality and i'm all about that. for me, sometimes the simplest design elements make the most dramatic impact.

the centerpiece of these earrings are wonderful, gold tone, vintage brass rings of circles measuring 23mm; they are the perfect size. i only have a few of these and although i'm trying, i'm unsure if i'll be able to get many more. from the rings i attached charms of vintage, seafoam green glass beads with multi-color speckles.

i friend of mine saw these and fell in love; she does alot of nice things for me (giving me the spectacularly gaudy earrings for one) so i gave her a pair. she put them on the other day and i have to say i was quite pleased with myself...they are just totally fabulous.


i've been tagged!

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this picture really has nothing to do with this post so not to confuse... she is just so sweet i wanted to share. this is lola. she is an english bulldog and she is my baby.

i checked the comments left for my last blog post and found i had been tagged by shell mitchell to share six things about myself and then tag six others to do the same. so here it goes:

1. i hate the sound of styrofoam rubbing against itself with a fiery passion.

2. i own many, many handbags...the bf refers to it as ridiculous.

3. i'm a super picky eater...especially when it comes to onions and tomatoes.

4. i'm totally awesome at air hockey.

5. i have an interesting birthmark on one side of my butt.

6. i always want to be organized and have everything in its place but at heart i'm really a bit of a slob so i find it hard to maintain a sense of order.

i'm off to tag the six blogs i've chosen. be sure to check them out and see what they are up to:

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spectacularly gaudy

spectacularly gaudy
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these so need a wash!

these are vintage clip-on earrings (no, really!) my boss purchased in italy in the mid 1960's when she was in her early 20's. i found them sitting out in her house last week and immediately my heart started to race: oh my god.....coolest things ever...!

well, when she came home i pounced on her for them. at first she didn't want to give them up and even tried them on for me (you should hear them!) but i finally managed to convince her that although they were awesome and cool, they were also spectacularly gaudy and they had served their purpose; it was time for a better life.

the flowers are thin, durable plastic with beautiful detailing and measure around 12mm. the small, faceted ovals are also plastic and the wire work is brass. once i get these cleaned up they are going to make some great earrings...many, many pairs of earrings.

stay tuned for the reincarnation of the spectacularly gaudy earrings...


not a bad start

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when i decided to change the business name and move into a new store on etsy i knew it would be a bit of an unknown. it took me a month to get my first sale in the old shop and i had built up alot of really nice feedback... i knew that wasn't going to be easy to let go of, especially just before the start of the holiday shopping season.

well, good news came my way thursday night. about 20 minutes after i listed these icy lanterns earrings i checked into etsy and these along with the russets earrings had been sold! at first i didn't understand and was like "hey, where the heck are my listings!" (duh!) before i figured it out..it was just such a surprise. i was so thrilled i sent my customer and ecstatic convo and a pair of lovely sterling silver and vintage lucite earrings as a free gift. so, for those keeping track (me) the first sale in the old shop took one month from the first listing and in the new shop just 8 days...not a bad start at all.

also, i joined indiepublic last night and have just been floored by the warm welcomes and hospitality i have received there...what a great site! you can visit me if you like...it is still a bit of a work in progress.

have a great labor day weekend everyone!