Ah Qua by HolSum...inside view

the Ah Qua bag from HolSum

I bought this fabulous clutch from HolSum on etsy. it is constructed of hand painted canvas on the outside and screen printed with becky's signature bird design on the inside. two snap closures keep the clutch closed and a flexible key ring allows me to hang my keys securely inside my purse and slip my fingers through the loop to carry it. this isn't just a clutch...it is truly a work of art!

you can see a side view of the Ah Qua bag here.
you can shop HolSum on etsy here.


i heart the new blog...promise!

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i neglected my old blog...so sad really.

well, i had a few issues with it but in the end it was really about me not being content with my business name. carisdesigns...it just wasn't a good fit, decided on in a moment of haste years ago. it was a mistake and i wanted to take it back. so, i worried and agonized over making a decision and finally decided if i was going to do it, it had to be now...so here we are. i finally have a name i love and know will serve me well in the years to come as i continue to learn and grow.

now about the jewelry...

these sweetness earrings are one of my new loves. i bought the white agate discs last year and they are completely opaque and wonderful...i have not been able to find any more so these will be the last pair just like this...truly one of a kind. the little enameled bead caps are a lovely shade of sunshine that i picked up recently; again a limited edition find. i'm looking but still haven't been able to find any more just yet.

i hope you keep an eye on my blog...i'm still setting it up just so but i know it will be super spiffy real soon. i'll be featuring new items from myself and others who make cool, independently crafted goods...and maybe a few contests too.