lazy sunday

this sums up our day so far.

this is blair and my friends barb and tom are raising him to be a service dog (he's so cute in his little training vest!). clearly, he has some serious adorableness going on and is so sweet and goofy... it's been so much fun having a puppy in the house.

on friday went to a jewelry and gem show in denver. in addition to some great prices on sterling silver chain i picked up some fun new beads to play with...

these top drilled kyanite ovals are beyond belief in loveliness and incredibly uniform in size... they will make great earrings:

these rock quartz nuggets are smooth, perfect and HUGE! each 15" strand had 10 beads... i can't wait to make something with these beauties:

stunning peruvian blue opal faceted nuggets and chunky, tumbled chalcedony in pink and blue:

we did play around with our beads this morning and i made these droplets earrings with some of barb's apatite... so sweet.