not a bad start

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when i decided to change the business name and move into a new store on etsy i knew it would be a bit of an unknown. it took me a month to get my first sale in the old shop and i had built up alot of really nice feedback... i knew that wasn't going to be easy to let go of, especially just before the start of the holiday shopping season.

well, good news came my way thursday night. about 20 minutes after i listed these icy lanterns earrings i checked into etsy and these along with the russets earrings had been sold! at first i didn't understand and was like "hey, where the heck are my listings!" (duh!) before i figured it out..it was just such a surprise. i was so thrilled i sent my customer and ecstatic convo and a pair of lovely sterling silver and vintage lucite earrings as a free gift. so, for those keeping track (me) the first sale in the old shop took one month from the first listing and in the new shop just 8 days...not a bad start at all.

also, i joined indiepublic last night and have just been floored by the warm welcomes and hospitality i have received there...what a great site! you can visit me if you like...it is still a bit of a work in progress.

have a great labor day weekend everyone!

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Space Oddities said...

congrats on the sales! i love the new shop name!!