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i'm very pleased with these...

looking among all the photos of my jewelry i would have to say these earrings don't necessarily follow my usual style...which is usually a bit more...chunky. however, they do have a simple, clean quality and i'm all about that. for me, sometimes the simplest design elements make the most dramatic impact.

the centerpiece of these earrings are wonderful, gold tone, vintage brass rings of circles measuring 23mm; they are the perfect size. i only have a few of these and although i'm trying, i'm unsure if i'll be able to get many more. from the rings i attached charms of vintage, seafoam green glass beads with multi-color speckles.

i friend of mine saw these and fell in love; she does alot of nice things for me (giving me the spectacularly gaudy earrings for one) so i gave her a pair. she put them on the other day and i have to say i was quite pleased with myself...they are just totally fabulous.

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