wonder twin powers activate!

i got dragged out to do a little shopping... i didn't need to buy anything but of course i made an impulse purchase in each of the three shops i visited. i'm so predictable. first off was a magazine at jo-ann fabrics (50% off!) and a bottle of blood orange micro-distilled vodka at the liquor store... who could say no to blood orange vodka? especially when the packaging was so purty. i stuck it in the freezer and had a bit of it chilled last night... slightly sweeter than i expected but rather complex and lovely.

then i went to pier 1 and found these fabulous, huge and gaudy adjustable rings by the register. they seem to be mother of pearl with a domed seal of resin over the top. i generally don't wear rings much but at 4 bucks each who could say no to this little bit of fabulousness. i picked up a couple of extras for friends too.

it's looking like another gorgeous day here in boulder... and this afternoon we are off to visit a gem and jewelry show in denver so i can feed my bead addiction.



Anonymous said...
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MineFull said...

HA...I too have a large resinish ring that has it's own Wonder Twins reference!
Form of....a sandy beach...where it never snows...and the warm breezes rejuvinate your soul.
sorry, just looking out the window at the 3-6" of lake effect snow we're currently getting ;(